My background in business and financial planning, has helped me to understand the importance of purchasing real estate as an investment in order to supplement ones current income and plan for retirement. Allow my experience with apartment buildings, convenience stores, motels/hotels, and restaurants help you to achieve your goals. Supply and demand in a trade area in my opinion is the most important determinant of market value for real estate. As a Buyer you need to know the trade area in which you are doing business as this will determine demand whether it be for rental or commercial sales. As a Seller, you need to work with a professional such as myself to maximize return and ensure smooth transition on sale. No client is either too big or too small for my service. I enjoy working with new investors helping them to achieve their long term goals while at the same time working with experienced investors and or new immigrants that come to the city looking for business opportunities. My philosophy in business life is simple: be ethical, confidential, understand your client’s needs and wants, research diligently, create teams to get the job done, and close the deal on time. Allow my experience and expertise to work for you! Please call, text, or email me today in order to arrange a private confidential appointment!

Why Invest In Moncton

  • KMPG in 2014 ranked Moncton as the lowest cost location for
    business in Canada
  • KPMG in their biannual Competitive Alternatives study ranked Moncton in
    2014 “as the most competitive city in Canada for the second consecutive
    time. Moncton ranks 4th among all 107 featured cities, behind only the two
    Mexican cities studied and Manchester (UK).”
  • In 2012 MoneySense Magazine ranked Moncton as among Canada’s top 10 best places to live for the second year in a row.
  • In November 2011 the Canadian Business Journal said that Moncton was the best place “to get things done.”
  • In 2010 Moncton was ranked as one of the top seven intelligent communities in the world as stated by the Intelligent Community Forum.
  • In 2009 Canadian Real Estate Magazine said that Greater Moncton was one of top 5 safe havens to invest for real estate.
  • Greater Moncton has been recognized as the best city in Canada to do business by Canadian Business Magazine in 2004 and stayed on the top 10 list for 5 consecutive years until 2008.
  • Readers Digest Magazine said that Moncton was the most honest and polite city in Canada.
  • Moncton is the fifth fastest growing metropolitan area in Canada according to statistics Canada between 2006 to 2011 at 9.7%.
  • Moncton’s two main industrial parks, the Moncton Industrial Park and the Caledonia Industrial Park are the most successful in New Brunswick, with over 375 companies of varying sizes and employing approximately 9,000 people.